5 Ways To Show Your Gratitude With Luxuries Gift Baskets

5 Ways To Show Your Gratitude With Luxuries Gift Baskets

The next time you need to get a thank-you gift for someone, do more than get a single item from the store. Instead, show your gratitude with a luxury gift basket that contains everything from unique items to make their day-to-day lives easier, to ones filled with unique and personalized gifts. A whole basket full of gifts is a fantastic way to get someone a present, this way they have everything they need to enjoy their whole gift. 

Showing appreciation toward others, or returning an act of kindness, are two tasks that can take on many different forms. Luxury Gift Baskets are all about showing gratitude whenever and wherever we can, and we want to encourage you to do the same… Through locally sourced items that are sure to please! Here are a few ways that you can share gratitude through what we love the most: 

This gift is perfect for a great Tea Lover. Tea served with cookies is always a hit

Tea, Anyone?

Get together with a friend you haven’t seen for a while, or with someone you haven’t had time to see as much as you would like simply for a cup of tea! A gift of tea is quite widely considered as a gift of good health. People of Chinese culture have been drinking tea to bring health and wellness since its discovery several thousands of years ago. Furthermore, a recent stream of studies has brought tea into recognition all around the world as being excellent for our health! Share the gift of gratitude and health with someone you care about by gifting them this luxurious gift box which includes items like a clear tea tumbler, a fashionable scarf and a variety of Justea Teas! 


Dude, This Is Awesome!

We know how hard it is to find a gift basket that guys actually want. We believe that gifts for guys should be exciting, memorable, and fun. Forget the edible fruit baskets and flower bouquets. Dive into the earthy, aromatic experience of The Gentleman’s Power Shower, Crawford Street After Shave Cream and The Gentleman’s Handsome Chap lip balm. These sensual fragrances marry notes of citrus, vanilla, whiskey and sandalwood. It will capture your imagination with its earthy, natural scent that’s sure to entice any guy in your life. Customize this gift box with a gorgeously crafted woodgrain flask!


Baby, Baby, Baby!

Having a baby is tough, but buying a baby gift doesn’t have to be with Luxuries Gift Baskets! Let’s be real: The vast majority of gift baskets are overpriced and utterly impractical, and when you’re a new mom, the last thing you need is a basket full of things you’ll never use. Though you probably can’t gift the new mom in your life a week of uninterrupted sleep and a team of around-the-clock nannies, you can give them a gift basket they’ll truly appreciate. The best baby gift baskets are affordable and useful, just like the ones that we offer! Packed full of adorable blankets, outfits, an adorable teddy and diaper rash cream, our functional newborn gifts are sure to make the new mom happy!



Cozy Comforts!

A symbol of warmth and friendship, gifting a loved one a blanket or a scarf is a great choice for that hard-to-buy-for loved one. The action of wrapping someone in a blanket is a real statement of kindness and a demonstration of honour. In Native American traditions, a blanket is used to create and seal relationships. Suitable for any gifting occasion, blankets and scarves are used and worn all year round and by everyone, so whatever you want to say – Happy Birthday, Thank You, Merry Christmas, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You or I Love You – a scarf or a cozy blanket is a perfect choice. Simply add wrapping and a handwritten card to highlight the occasion! Customize your luxurious blanket gift with glassware and other delectable treats!


Need A Snack?

When it comes to edible gifts to make someone feel good, sweet and savoury treats like mixed nuts and chocolate are everyone's favourite go-to treat. Chocolate conjures a feeling of decadence and being just a little bit spoilt, in the best way possible! The best sort of sweet and savoury treats to give as a gift is something they wouldn't usually buy for themselves. Beautifully presented locally sourced mixed nuts, popcorn and chocolate boxes of premium delicacies are one of life's simple pleasures, and we can help you with that!


At Luxuries Gift Baskets, our main goal is for our clients to have the best experience possible. We are proud to be a local business and encourage you to contact us today if you are interested in creating a customized luxury gift basket fit for any and all of your loved ones. Give us a call at: 780-999-4986 or visit our website at: https://www.luxuriesgiftbaskets.com to order your special gift today!


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