5 Ways to Build a Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation

5 Ways to Build a Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation

In any organization, showing value and appreciation for your teammates is one sure fire way to help everyone feel like they belong, are seen for what they bring to the team, and valued for who they are as a person. Here we share five ways you can bring this culture into your organization.


  1. Celebrate Milestones

It’s so important that your team knows they have value as a human being beyond the work they do for your organization. Celebrating milestones is one way you can foster this in the work environment. There is of course the typical work milestones, ie: promotions, project completion, work anniversaries, etc. However, don’t neglect the personal milestones like birthdays, new babies, and weddings! The gift doesn’t need to be costly, but it should be thoughtful and meaningful. Even if it is just a handwritten card, it can go a long way!

  1. Acknowledging Successes and Wins

Do you have people in your organization that go the extra mile? Those who are consistently supporting others and driving success in projects? Celebrate them! A small treat, thoughtful memento or gift card can help them feel that they are seen and appreciated!

  1. Social Recognition

Recognizing your team for the amazing things they are accomplishing in their work is so important and valuable. If you can find a way to recognize them in front of their peers will amplify the value of that appreciation but will also show the whole team how you treat great contributors. It can be inspiring and uplifting for the whole team! Surely you will begin to see more superstars shining in your organization!

  1. Encourage the Team to Think Outside the Box!

For many people, it can be intimidating to share new ideas or stray too far from the “norm” in the work processes. Encouraging team to bring new ideas, share “out of the box” solutions and brainstorming new ways of doing things is sure to help people feel valued and appreciated for the freshness they bring!

  1. Give Timely Breaks to Rest and Reset

Top performers are often characterized by pushing hard and working to the limits to reach important deadlines and accomplish key tasks. Recognize that a prolonged practice of this can burn people out. Even your best employees will hit a wall eventually. Encouraging rest/break time regularly can help sustain those top performers and help drive a culture of appreciation in your organization. Rested and Refreshed employees will make less mistakes and be generally happier in the work environment. It’s a win-win situation!


If you want support in celebrating those important people in your organization, give us a call! We would love to facilitate this for you and your team. We have custom gift options for any budget, organization, or culture!

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